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Mary Billyard (b. 1709)

Life Events:
1709 Born in England      [1]
1734 Aug 20 (JC)  [24-25y] Married in Fledborough, Nottinghamshire, England      [1]

Note: Note that this is one of the first records linking the Lincolnshire Billyards to Nottinghamshire. In their marriage licence, William and Mary were married in Fledborough, Nottinghamshire; Mary was listed as “of Frampton, co. Linc.” whereas William was listed as “of Coddington”. It is not clear if these places were just their current residence or their place of birth.


   [1] - Abstracts of Nottinhamshire marriage licences, Archdeacon's Court, 1701-1753, Volume II, Part I.

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